Patent Prosecution & Infringement

Acquiring a patent is only half done after a good specification is drafted and a patent application is filed. Bringing the patent application to a grant requires specialized expertise, craftsmanship and diligence. All actions during patent prosecution: drafting examination responses to dealing with examiners… require special skill and experience dealing with multiple patent office jurisdictions.

Our prosecution & infringement team, has experienced and focused professionals with Indian, US and European patent law expertise. They have been helping clients efficiently prosecute patent applications and secure patent grants. Supplemented by our proprietary portfolio management tool and dedicated support staff, our patent attorneys focus on maximizing the scope of your patent protection through strategic and highly effective prosecution strategies. Our insight into national and international patent processes and experience acquiring several hundred patent grants world enable us to provide unparalleled prosecution services to our clients.

Determining and measuring the scope of infringement is essential for future litigations, royalty earning purposes and licensing opportunities. We understand the expensive attorney time and huge money involved in complex litigations and therefore offer strategic solutions for identifying technology standards or potential products that may be infringing your patent.

GIP has a team for Patent Prosecution & Infringement services, which includes:

Patent Publication & Examination
Patent Prosecution
Patent Infringement/Non-Infringement 
Patent Revocation

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