Trademark Prosecution & Infringement

When your application has been refused or objected to by any trademark office, this is not the end of your application, but just the beginning of the prosecution phase. GIP Research & Analytics takes over as your partner to overcome registration obstacles. We safeguard your interests by finding persuasive arguments and other innovative ways to achieve your goals.

Furthermore, in order to maintain control of your trademark and to ascertain that your mark does not become a generic description for certain goods or services, it is important to defend your trademark from unauthorised use by others. To assist you in detecting any such unauthorised use, GIP Research & Analytics has access to advanced monitoring tools which will quickly identify any concerning trademark applications which you may need to act against. Our tailored and evolving solutions help prevent revenue loss by identifying and eliminating trademark infringements that will risk creating damage to your brand.

GIP has a team for Trademark Prosecution & Infringement services, which includes:

Honest Concurrent Use
Trademark Passing Off
Trademark Infringement

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